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Why Chalestra?

  • Because we provide a gateway to expansion and better trade for the future
  • Because our experience is phenomenal, and spans all businesses, big and small, and across many different industries
  • Because we can always spot opportunities for your business, and can provide the keys to access those opportunities
  • Because we focus on what’s strategically possible, and we offer practical, economical answers
  • Because we can stop runaway projects, and have them deliver useful, profitable benefits.
  • Because we can help you change in a changing world
  • Because we can show you advanced and strategic ways of doing business

Economy thoughts

Year 2013, H2

For the last few reports on our economic predictions, we haven’t been able to be very positive, even if we’ve been amazingly accurate.

Our recent predictions have expected the economy grow on the positive side of zero, which it has, and we think it will continue that way for the remainder of the year, and probably into the early part of 2014, at least.

But changes are afoot. The government has turned to face the economy, and improvements have been made, particularly in bureaucracy. There has also been wholesale change of focus by the government towards business and the taxpayer, offering something more of a go-get attitude.

America got over its fiscal cliff and shows slight signs of growth. But with the fall of Detroit to bankruptcy, there is clearly more problems to face across the country.

Europe continues to decline with no real effort to change course.

But the UK economy appears to be slowly changing course to one where business growth might become easily achievable. Our expectation is that this change of course will continue up until Election 2015, but we don’t see much growth happening over the next six months. The government’s constant need to borrow is the biggest sign that growth remains out of reach.

Focus on: Business strategy

Our strategic development service is about making business more profitable, more powerful and much easier to manage. It doesn’t require huge effort or resources, and usually pays its way within days.

It is probably no surprise that Chalestra’s Strategy Advice service is the biggest hit among our fans. Doing any kind of business these days is hard. And many companies get only one opportunity to get it right. Chalestra has had huge success in helping companies either get back on track, or evolve into a more powerful business. And our customers have been able to find new and better platforms to work from, with our help. Read more…

How do we help small businesses?

Every business can be improved. Either in terms of capacity, capability, turnover, funding, you name it. If you want your business to be improved, do give us a call.

When you do call, we will listen to you on the phone. If we have a quick answer for you we’ll tell you what it is.

But, more often than not, we’ll have to see your business for ourselves, so that we get clear about what’s going on. Because of other contracts we have, that usually happens at the weekend. We have a look around, get a detailed view of what’s going on, and we send you a report on what we think the opportunities are. We rarely charge more than an hour for that service.

As we get to know each other and work together more closely, we are likely to spend more time helping you develop your business. We always say what we think the fees will be up front. See some samples…

Chalestra's business...

We offer three core services to help our customers achieve success...

Business development

Chalestra rewrote the presentation that sold a £1.2bn company to a competitor for £1.7bn.
Imagine if we could achieve that performance for your business!

...a small company that opened the gateway for the sale of a failing £1.2bn company to another for an offered price of £1.8bn, simply because of our input.

Our development services include business recovery, business growth, business repositioning, mergers, commercial sales, marketing launches and enhancing sales pitches.

Chalestra offers a strategic, open mind when viewing business opportunities: there are likely to be things that you haven’t seen that are obvious to us.

Call us on 0800 090 1710

Communications services

Our business communications service specialises in putting companies in winning positions. It is usually used at pitch level to enhance companies' chances of winning sales and strategic position.

Chalestra has worked on huge projects to ensure customer retention and engagement.

Call us on 0800 090 1710

Business software

Chalestra also specialises in developing performance business software. We focus on developing tools that slash costs and time, and bring efficiency and skill. Apart from our experience working in commercial fields, we also have our software, Business Administrator, to show.

We believe that user acceptance, reliability, accuracy, and presentation are vital to successful projects.

Don’t forget: Chalestra offers up to an hour free for quote and briefing time.

Call us on 0800 090 1710


“It's starting to be countless times that Chris has helped me out, or more importantly doing a job for me, and every time it comes out stellar. Cannot praise the quality if work too much”

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