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Chalestra’s affiliate and referral marketing scheme

Everyone knows someone that can do business. Everyone knows someone that can do business better, which is where Chalestra comes in. Your knowing someone is always worth something, but do you harness it?

Send them to Chalestra and you could start earning commissions every month!

Join Chalestra’s Marketing Programmes Now!

  • Trusted brand in business
  • Flexible and generous commissions
  • Online reporting to analyse your performance
  • Products and services to be promoted


What is our affiliate programme?

An affiliate programme allows you (the affiliate) to promote Chalestra on your website. This can be by using banners, text links, email newsletters, promotional flash games and much more. Then, when a user or member of your site clicks on the link they will come through to If they then do business with us, you earn commission. It really is as simple as that!

What is our referrer programme?

Similarly, the referral programme allows people without websites to help promote Chalestra and get rewarded for it. All referrers should get in touch before commencing a referral. Then, the referrer will be able to share in Chalestra’s profits from that customer.

Unfortunately, self-referring isn’t allowed, but getting a friend to refer you is.

Why should you join the marketing programmes?

  • It’s FREE to join
  • Flexible and generous commissions
  • You are paid in pound sterling (£) currency
  • Products and services to promote
  • Online reporting to analyse your performance
  • Large assortment of marketing tools

Are there any restrictions to sites you allow into the affiliate programme?

Yes. We do not accept websites that are pornographic, aimed at under 18s, or sites that promote illegal activity of any nature. We reserve the right to remove sites with such content.

When, and how, do you get paid?

You are paid on a monthly basis within 30 days for the month before. Payments will be made to you on a monthly basis within 30 days after the end of the month. The minimum payment threshold is £20.

How do you get new material?

Simply log in to your affiliate account and go to the Media Gallery. From there you can pick from a growing variety of material including flash banners, gif banners and html mailers. Just copy and paste the banner code onto your website and we do all the work to make sure the banners on your site are kept up–to–date. If you can’t find the material you are looking for please contact us.

You would like an affiliate link on more than one website?

No problem. Once you’ve registered with us, you can set up as many links as you like, so long as we approve of their location.

On what basis do you get paid?

We are willing pay handsomely for the business that’s sent to us. When your contact becomes a customer and trades with us, we’ll share the turnover with you, currently at the rate of 20%.

How do you change your registered details (name, address, email)?

When you become an affiliate, you’ll be given a weblink to log into. To change your details such as email, address, phone number, please log in to that link and click on Your Account, and change your details as necessary.

Referrers should contact us directly, preferably in writing.

Are visitors who use your banners or text links cookied?

Visitors who click on a banner, text link or other material for Chalestra are cookied for 30 days. That means that even if a potential new customer visits Chalestra but doesn’t register straight away, Chalestra will recognise them as a customer that has come from your site, banner or text link. If they then go on to register while the cookie is still in effect and become a trading customer, then they become your customer too.

Who do you contact if you need help?

If you have any further questions please contact us and we will be happy to assist!

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