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Chalestra is a business development consultancy, communications consultancy and bespoke software developer.

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Send us business, and we'll send you respectable income Up to £1,5000 per month per customer in the current climate
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If you or your business has a web presence, why not help promote Chalestra, and be rewarded for it. We can measure the business you bring us, and we’ll offer you a substantial reward for it. Money for doing nothing? If you don’t have a web presence, you can still send business to us and earn the same reward. The important thing is that you contact us in advance so that we can tie everything up. Phone us, send us an email, but do contact us before you refer someone.

Power up your income, and become a Facilitator
Or, if you know a lot of businesses that need strategic help in growing, why not become a facilitator? It will be left to you to manage the relationships, and you get a percentage of all the transactions.

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More about affiliating and referring >>

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