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What bespoke software can do for you
We don’t always start from scratch
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The kind of systems we make
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Bespoke business software for your business

Chalestra specialises in the development of bespoke business software systems. We are an independent software development company offering high quality business software, a software development consultancy and bespoke software products.

Chalestra offers a variety of solutions to companies of all shapes and sizes. The mainstream offering is development of business management solutions and related software. The range of software that we’ve developed is vast and covers all areas of business.

Why develop your systems?

There is no doubt that technology is a major force in driving businesses.

Consider this: take away all your computers, then review how your business would change. This is the measure it has changed since computers were bought on board.

Project into the future, and consider, if the computers were properly harnessed and equipped, how powerful your business could be, and what it could achieve.

Don’t forget what your computers do, or the areas in which they work. They manage everything from customer relations, internal business management, you web presence, contacts with the outside world, etc., etc.

Our argument isn’t so much that they can do more: that is in no doubt. Our argument is that they could do it so much better.

Why is bespoke software so important?

Every company is different. Every pitch is different. Every customer is different. The relationships between companies and customers are very personal, and every relationship is different.

If so, then how can off-the shelf software suit every business?

Chalestra specialises in making software that suits your business. It fits your business perfectly. As a tailor makes a suit for you, so we’ll make software for you. It’s that simple.

What can bespoke software do for you?

Every company is different. Companies have their own set of objectives and ambitions. Bespoke business software allows you to gain a system that works for you in exactly the way you need it to. Instead of your business being built around software, software will be built in to your business.

Do we always start from scratch?

Not necessarily. We may already have similar systems that you can start from, for a reasonable fee.

Our offering

We want to offer you a reliable, targeted, benefits driven system. We want you to be happy. We will offer you our time and expertise in bringing your project to life. We’ll challenge you, no doubt, but we’ll do everything we can to ensure you get the system that helps your business achieve its goals, and at a reasonable price.

So, what kind of systems do we make?

The range of systems we offer are virtually limitless. But it’s the wrong question. The right question is ‘what do you need for your business to be able to offer more’.

However, some ideas would include…

  • Information management systems: the reality of businesses is that they don’t know much about their own business. These are systems that extract information about your business, and turn the information into something that makes sense: you will really know everything there is to know about your business. It’s like turning a sailing dinghy into a racing dinghy, and it helps you properly target your business to your customers.
  • Information acquisition systems: these are small outposts placed where your customers and potential customers hang out, and asks them for information on their requirements. The systems usually take the form of pods or touch-screen monitors, and ask customers about their requirements. The results are fed back to your computers in real time, and offer you the choice of either preparing a product or service for your customer, or simply gaining valuable information from the marketplace.
  • Dedicated security systems: the problem with off-the-shelf security systems is that everyone knows about them, and a lot know how they work. This makes them vulnerable. Our systems are not known anywhere, and largely aren’t known to exist. In addition, we don’t tell our customers how they work – remember that the weakest part of a castle is the people that run it.
  • Business analysis software: these are largely cut-down version of information management systems, but focus on reporting on business activity and trends.
  • Project management software: we’re often told how project management software simply does not work the way people work. Understandable, as everyone is different. We will be happy to get involved with end users to find out how they want to work, and we’ll be happy to consult with them when the job is done to ensure the software helps them achieve. And we’ll still be around if you want to take the software to the next stages.
  • Asset Management software: Developing asset management software is another division we’ve been asked to approach on a number of occasions. Asset management is really about getting the most out of existing assets instead of duplicating, or, worse, not using them at all.
  • Marketing software: A very popular service is in developing contact management and marketing management software. The two go hand in hand. The reason it’s so popular is because it’s so vital to businesses and, because everyone develops their networks differently, really needs to be tailored to your business.
  • Process management systems: These process-streamlining tools are very important tools to have. They are usually involved in driving efficiency and cost reduction, and can be found in workflow management, logistics execution, mass production runs, ad others.

If you would like to get to know more about Chalestra's services, please contact us.

Business Administrator

Business Administrator is Chalestra’s flagship software designed specifically for business. It is a business management and administration system. Business Administrator is available to buy on

Why Chalestra?

Chalestra has clients that have been using us day-in, day-out for years. We don’t have to indulge in speculative sales. We don’t have to ramp up prices for the times we have no business, or in case we lose a deal.

We charge strictly by time. Our quotes and estimates are exactly that: a rough idea of what our fees will come to, given the brief.

And we won’t spend six months talking about it and come up with a book six inches thick. We can be on the case on day one. Worth for you investment will start to be realised only hours after talking to us. And even that might be along time.

Our clients know they are not losing money with us. They know they are getting value for money.

Our uniqueness is in that we’re chilled out, we’re specialists, and we work very fast. Our mission is to see you have worth for your investments very quickly.

So contact us, and see what we can do for you.

So, why stay with the pack?

Examples of the systems we can build for your business...
  • Information management systems
  • Information acquisition systems
  • Dedicated security systems
  • Business analysis software
  • Project management software
  • Asset Management software
  • Marketing software
  • Process management systems
  • Data modelling and management
  • Voucher management
  • Business and marketing analytics
  • Dedicated business response systems
  • Security management
System types...
  • Accounting software
  • Project management software
  • HR software
  • Email marketing software
  • CRM software
  • Database software
  • Invoice software
  • Asset management software
  • EPOS software
  • Contact management software
Who wil benefit?
  • Accomodation
  • Application Software
  • Business Equipment
  • Communication Equipment
  • Dairy Products
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Gaming Activities
  • Information Services
  • Machinery
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Packaging & Containers
  • Property Management
  • Rubber & Plastics
  • Technical Services
  • Waste Management
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