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Public relations and marketing

Quite often, businesses have had to talk to media intentionally or otherwise.

Unintentional communications with the media have been spectacular when they've gone wrong, and when such communications do go wrong, it's almost certain that businesses fail.

On the brighter side, PR, well-managed intentional PR, can provide massive benefits when used for promotion and awareness.

Marketing projects, particularly, benefit from communication and presentation skills. We offer our services not just directly to businesses, but also to marketing companies too, such is the class of our work.

Coping with PR disasters
  • Every business should be clear about the benefits and downsides of their being, services and products
  • These will be the essential messages to counter a PR backlash
  • Always send positive messages through the channels the negative messages came
  • Never directly try to counter negative messages - your audience will perceive you have something to hide
  • You will have low-cost access to a marketing opportunity - capitalise on it while your name is on everyones mind, but never combine a marketing strategy while recovering from a PR disaster: wait until the recovery is complete
  • Keep you eyes and ears open - some of the biggest PR disasters and come from tiny issues
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