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Huge summer introductory giveaway on Business Administrator for businesses

Summer months and business slow? Take advantage of our summer introductory offer for Business Administrator software. Until the end of August, a 1-year licence for Business Administrator is only £50 (+VAT) with voucher code BE567T, and you can still get deals the following year, because we’re always doing deals on licences. The best place to see our deals is on Twitter or Facebook.

Business Administrator really is the tool to have if you’re in business. It cuts down the paperwork, streamlines all processes and helps you manage your business. And you get to know exactly how your business is behaving in real time, because of real time reporting. In short, it will save you money and fortunes of time.

Business Administrator has eight managers on board that help you with the whole of your business. It helps manage contacts, HR, finance, projects, invoices, suppliers and a host of other facilities.

Business Administrator also has EPOS on board, as well as business networking, financial forecasting, business planning, and a vast range of features.

Why not get Business Administrator today with voucher code BE567T?

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