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Chalestra releases the Business Administrator software onto the web store.

We are extending our channel marketing range for the Business Administrator software to make it more accessible and convenient to UK businesses.

The release to Amazon is the biggest jump yet in the sales channels campaign for the software. For some years now, marketing has been cast wider and wider to ensure that Business Administrator software is well known. Chalestra is now pursuing channel sales to sell the software through a whole variety of selling networks. Amazon is not the first sales channel, but it’s certainly the biggest.

Releasing to Amazon is a natural evolution to our growing marketplace. It is well known, has a very high reputation, is easy to use, and it’s easy to find products on their website.

We’ve been working on the project to release the software on Amazon for several months to ensure the release is as smooth as possible. Thus far, our distribution system has been through downloads for the Business Administrator website, and we’ve now created a distribution system dedicated to producing and distributing the software on CDRom. In the near future, we will also release the software on business CDs and USB sticks, to make the distribution network more exciting and invigorating.

Chalestra continues to explore new avenues to marketing and selling the software online, physically, and in hybrid outlets.

As much as Chalestra is a business relationship and communications consultant in its key trade, it does see the Business Administrator project has a high priority. Business Administrator offers businesses so many benefits, that it’s virtually unthinkable not to make it a top priority.

Chalestra will continue the download line, and the free AdBoard usage programme.

You can find Business Administrator on the Amazon website.

Affiliates, intermediaries and retailers

Chalestra is still looking forward to meeting people and companies that wish to help sell Business Administrator. Business Administrator provides a powerful new line in catalogues and a handsome, triple-hit income stream. Not only do you get a profit from a sale, but you also get the same profit year after year as long as you are still in the same business.

On top of that, discounts are based post-sales, so the more you sell, the more discount you can get for your sales, and claim for previous sales.

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