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Project management

Our Project Management service is used for creating things. The service is efficient, sensibly priced and practical.

Our Project Management service is intended to help our customers reach their goals effectively, but we also bring vision and opportunty that can take projects far beyond their original expectations. We put a huge amount of thought into projects, about whether the project is the right thing to do, about how the project will proceed, and about how it will be perfect when it is concluded. And most of all, that it delivers something valuable for the future.

Learning the lessons

It's one of those things. If you want to know how things go wrong, you sit on the fence, light up a fag, open a can of Fosters, and watch something wrong play out.

Chalestra doesn't work like that, but we've had to watch many a project go wrong, close to home and from afar, and some we've been involved with but weren't under our control. But you get some value: you watch it play out, learn the lessons, and learn the tell-tale signs, even if its sponsors won't listen.

Then, when it's your project that's about to go wrong, you respond, and make it go right. We're good at making it go right.

What can go wrong?

We’ve watched many a project go wrong and there’s a common thread that runs through them all. It is the sheer number of questions that cannot be answered when the project gets underway, and when it is brought to its conclusion.

For the projects we run, we ensure that there are few questions anyway, and no questions that can’t be answered at all.

We get the opportunities to play with projects. In doing that, we can expose the face of projects no matter what course they take. And we can expose issues and help provide solutions.

One opportunity to get it right

For many businesses, executing a major project, whether it’s a sales pitch, business development, or efficiency change, getting it right first time is a prerequisite because of the sheer expense in cash, time and resources. We recognise that our job is to bring our skills to bear and ensure that projects does work first time. To do that, we take the objective seat: we are openly critical of projects so that issues are exposed and routes to dealing with those issues can be pursued.

We are very aware of "the best laid plans". They always change. To accommodate that, we are very flexible and can move efficiently with changing times. As we work on a project, we also seek hidden opportunities to help bring extra value for you.

A library of contacts

And, in case we don't know the answer, we should know someone who does. For all the people Chalestra knows, and has known, and has worked with, it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that we don't know someone that can help.

Chalestra should be your partner

Chalestra is an attractive partner for businesses of all shapes and sizes. It's friendly, it listens, it's non-judgemental, and it offers a extended range of services that are to the point and have solid, predictable fee structures.

Many businesses have kept us at hand for the long-term, long after the initial project has finished. It’s because we constantly contribute to ongoing success and evolvement. We turn up, see new things that are wrong, and get them put right.

Our advice is just a phone call away. We'll tell you what we know, and we'll charge only for the time we work with you. We won't charge you for your phone call, we won't do tons of unnecessary research before we're willing to provide an answer or suggestion, or put 100-page documents together to see if you're paying attention. Unless you want us to!

We have a reputation of being quick and to the point, offering information that's relevant and "from the horses mouth". We love this reputation, and we're highly respected for it.

An awful time

Whether you want to call this a recession or not, whether you want to call it a credit crunch or not, all businesses in it are having a pretty awful time. No one's excluded. So if you need something to work, it will be worth your dropping us a line. It won't cost much, and the answer may be worth a fortune.

To find out more about Chalestra's consulting services, and to benefit from it, please contact us.

It won't cost much, and the answer may be worth a fortune.

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