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Powering up software assets

Most businesses have been quite content with off-the-shelf software. But we find that larger companies are placing decreasing reliance on off-the-shelf software and starting to leave it behind in favour of bespoke software. There are very important reasons why.

One of the key benefits to bespoke software is that it allows you to fine tune the software to your business needs. Large companies have seen that technological resources can have a major impact on business strength if it is implemented correctly. And the only way to get software that fits perfectly with your business is to make it yourself: bespoke software.

Since finely-tuned software driving business is a proven benefit, it’s fair to say that a finely tuned business can be achieved. For businesses that are highly competitive, having finely-tuned processes is vital.

And with a high tax economy, low-taxable resources are a vital route to developing cash flow and profit. But software technologies can also bring massive cash savings as computers take on the work of their human equivalents. And rather than reducing your human resource count, it means that you can add to your strength for very little cost.

The other main reason that technology works for large companies, is that it allows them to interconnect all their resources across the globe. By doing this, they can shift resources around the globe, taking advantage of the economies that offer the most at any point in time.

There are two main reasons for walking away from off-the-shelf software: firstly, it’s generic, it doesn’t really have a natural fit with your business and it doesn’t allow business to develop in a natural and unique way. Secondly, it’s very risky: if a fault emerges in the supply chain or in the software or if the software ceases to be produced, you may not have long-term continued use of that software: licences prices may be hiked up forcing many businesses to cease using it.

Small businesses can take advantage of much of these processes too, particularly in cash and tax savings. If they implement their new software correctly, then they can also gain competitive advantage, as well as being able to indulge in faster and cost effective execution of business deals.

For small businesses, the opportunity is that they can interconnect with their customers, which would, in fact, give them an edge over major institutions. It allows them a new channel to communicate with customers. There is the web, but with everybody using it now, there is no real competitive advantage in delivering over the web.

Software is truly an asset: you’ve invested in it, you’ve grown it, and it delivers powerful benefits for you business.

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