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Video Services from Chalestra

Chalestra is a specialist in providing corporate video services. Whether the service is in providing video for conferences, promotional and marketing, legal support or disaster management, our service has always met with resounding success.

Video still grows through this day and age. In fact, more people rely on video than ever before. Todat, increasing numbers of people only watch the news through video, and increasingly decline print in any form.

Video for everyone

In many ways, video is becoming cheaper: equipment is becoming cheaper, people already have computers, and editing software can be picked up for a few tenners. Distribution via the likes of YouTube costs nothing.

At first glance, it seems that video is accessible to everyone. And it is. Everyone.

Making a difference

Which means, of course, that any video that's produced is likely to get lost in the trillions of terrabytes of existing footage. And that's a fat lot of use to businesses determined on marketing their new wares.

So some key questions come to play...

  • How do you turn a video production into a asset valued by an intended audience?
  • How do you make a video stand out from the rest?
  • How can you make video recoup its cost?
  • How can you make a video efficient at its job?

Corporate video

In a recent project for a charity, Chalestra showed off its business acumen in developing the value of a video asset. They had asked for a video that would demonstrate the life and conclusion of one of its most vital assets. They only wanted to show the video to visitors. But they were nervous about funds: we were able to show them how they could commit to the project, and earn 5 times the cost of the project, which they are now doing.

Of course, more was required than taking footage of the asset and bunging it on some large screen monitors. We created a carefully crafted series of videos that would be remembered by the audience for a long time to come.

And that's a skill. Anyone can take footage. But how many can get an audience to remember the footage the day after, let alone a month after they viewed it?

Worthwhile assets

And how many companies can take a £100,000 proposed loss and turn it into a £400,000 profit, and £multi-million asset?

Chalestra is adept at creating business from a potential loss. Most of our work is in consuming the cost: most businesses accept the loss as it is to be written off against profit elsewhere.

But many organisations are very nervous about costs, particularly those that don't rely on tangible income, or even businesses that have weak income and want to use video to promote themselves.

Our support services is excellent for those organisations that rely on charity or funding.

Creative video

Most video produced these days is heavily faulty. Grabbing a £200 camera, taking some footage, and bunging it on a website is insufficient.

A good video, like any product or service, has to be properly crafted and well balanced. It has to execute its purpose admirably, and achieve intended results first time.

A hotel chain that we know had the brilliant idea of persuading visitors to upload the videos to demonstrate user experience and environment: it works very well. But even they had to admit that they needed professional clips to regain a professional approach. It was about ensuring balance.

PR disaster limitation and recovery

There are many times when video can help in recovering from a PR disaster. A video allows you to get right in front of your audience in a way that is almost personal. It allows you to say what needs to be said and, at the same time, allows your audience to look you rigt in the eye.

Used well, and distributed well, video can make the recovery extremely successful. Used badly, a video can make a disaster even worse. It doesn't matter if the content is rehearsed, so long as you mean it.

Chalestra is a communications troubleshooter. We have enormous experience on how to talk to audiences in troubled times. Combine that with our skill in making successful videos, and you'll find it difficult to find a better partner to help you through terrible moments. Chalestra also has a strong reputation for maintaining confidential information.

Video authoring

When a story breaks up into subject, we can 'author' software to manage it, providing your audience with routes watching watch the stories that interest them.

What is a Video press releases

Have you ever tried a video press release? We've yet to find anyone to take them seriously. But, logically, they should be at the top of a modern press campaign. People, these days, watch video more than they read print, and the phenomenon should entice the early movers.

As well as its attractiveness to people who read the news, video press releases are also attractive to search engines, thus developing a powerful SEO base.

Internet sites tha scan the Internet for news, such as Google, the BBC, there is a chance that your video will be picked up. This is because they are on the lookout for new newsworthy news items.

Video news and press releases are usually inexpensive to make and release, but they do need to be quality products and well-made.

Video from Chalestra

Chalestra has worked with commercial video for over 20 years. A permanent in-house director, modern kit, and an attitude that's business-focused puts Chalestra in prime position for commercial video projects.

We know how to create well-balanced videos that can become assets to any business. We know how to make videos that communicate effectively, and hw to make videos that achieve their goals.

For whatever reason you wish to create a video, we will expose the hidden value within it, if asked.

And if you're nervous about the cost of the project, don't be: we'll show you how to get your money back.

Our studio

Our studio boasts some of the most useful kit for producing video

  • First class graphics studio for still, technical and 3D graphics
  • Audio capabilities
  • In-house director
  • Single and multiple camera crews
  • Broadcast quality facilities
  • A wealth of on-site support kit

What businesses use video for

  • Marketing and promotional
  • PR disaster limitation and recovery
  • Communication and explanation
  • Legal and evidence
  • Creating insights
  • Explaining methodologies and processes
  • Training

For mor information on our video services, please contact us.

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